During the Flowing Womban Course..

You will learn to decode the mysteries shrouding premenstrual pain and symptoms.

You will learn what PMS is, why women experience it and how to heal and deal with it using a Natural Medicinal approach.

This uses natural methods such as appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, moxibustion, acupuncture points and more.

The course also dives into the fundamental philosophies of Natural Medicine and why this ancient and sophisticated healthcare module is so effective when it comes to PMS treatment.

Explore the menstrual cycle and how the female body works

Learn about Qi, Yin and Yang, The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and other key principles

Gain a deeper understanding of the different organs in the body, which play a role in the development PMS

Learn how to identify and treat the root causes of PMS using safe, simple Natural Medicine practices

Be provided with the necessary tools to live more healthily as a whole

Become informed, empowered and confident enough to self-heal

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Elissa from USA

I first sought Michelle’s help when I was having long periods (12 days!). Michelle helped me understand how my body was reacting to stress and the imbalance in my hormones, which she quickly and miraculously fixed with acupuncture and moxa burning. 

I then signed up for her course on PMS and period pain. I learned a lot about how stress and the hormonal imbalances can put a strain on the organs. It was fascinating and Michelle is a great teacher! She provides detailed information and personalised recommendations for diet, daily routines, and at-home treatments. She doesn’t just alleviate PMS, but teaches how to prevent it as our bodies move through our cycles each month. I highly recommend Michelle’s course to any woman, especially if your period is painful. It doesn’t have to be!

Treating PMS, Period Pain and Hormonal Imbalance with Natural Medicine

Optimal health is mirrored as a painless, regular, moderate flow with no noticeable symptoms.

The menstrual blood should be similar to the blood that would flow if you cut yourself – fresh and red with no clots.

This is what should be considered a normal flow.

For many women, PMS and mild or intense pain is just a normal monthly occurrence accompanying their periods…

Sources claim PreMenstrual Symptoms, or PMS, to a certain degree, affects up to 90 percent of women but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or should be considered the norm and this course will help you understand how to treat yourself to alleviate this in the comfort of your own home.

In fact, in Natural and Chinese Medicine, PMS is an alarm bell for imbalances in the body.

Chinese medicine practitioners will use the menses (mucosal tissue that is shed during menstruation) as an indicator for a woman’s overall health.


Erin from Australia

I got to the point where I totally normalized heavy periods and spending five days in bed every month. I felt like I was bleeding to death and constantly battling anaemia. My doctor gave me ZERO options for treatment. 

I am so grateful I found Michelle, she has transformed my cycle. No more heavy periods and I have all my life-force back. She has educated me on how to navigate my lifestyle choices around my cycle and now my period no longer holds me back in any way. And, as an unexpected bonus,

I don't suffer from fluid retention any more and my digestion is way better.


Julia from Germany

I am amazed by Michelle´s PMS course. I was struggling for years with my period. She taught me how to cure it myself. I no longer suffer from lower back pain, food cravings and low energy. I always thought that it is normal to suffer each month. I feel empowered and happy.

Thank you Michelle


Gain a deeper understanding of the different organs in the body

Learn about Qi, Yin and Yang

Flowing Womban course price

Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen is a complementary/holistic health care practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the field. She wears many hats – natural therapist, acupuncturist, certified yoga instructor and mother of three.

Michelle spent her teen years obsessed with sports, which led to a keen interest in exercise therapy, nutrition, alternative medicine and supplementation. After high school, she started a science degree with the idea of entering the medical field in some capacity, but was quickly disillusioned with the "tools" of modern medicine and its lack of focus on preventing illness and treating the whole person. So, Michelle changed tact and studied Naturopathy, becoming enthralled in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism along the way.

Michelle completed her acupuncture degree in 1991 and has been practicing ever since. She’s travelled Asia extensively, studying Buddhism and many forms of traditional healing. She also has an Asian Studies degree from Griffith University with a double major in Mandarin.

After many years of clinical experience in Australia, Michelle relocated to Bali, Indonesia where she’s as passionate as ever about helping people achieve their wellness goals. Her main clinical interest is in helping women to achieve happier, healthier periods

Michelle Hansen

Course Contents

  • Section 1 - An introduction to the course
  • Module 1 Why this course exists 
  • Module 2 What is PMS?
  • Module 3 Understanding Natural and Chinese Medicine
  • Section 2 - The patterns of Natural and Chinese Medicine
  • Module 1 The liver and PMS
  • Module 2 The digestive system 
  • Module 3 The Kidneys
  • Module 4 Menstrual pain and the liver 
  • Module 5 Blood deficiency and the liver
  • Section 3 - Your body and your cycle
  • Module 1 Your nervous system
  • Module 2 The four phases of the menstrual cycle 
  • Module 3 The language of your menstrual blood
  • Module 4 Sexual trauma and the menstrual cycle
  • Module 5 Contraception and the menstrual cycle
  • Section 4 - Treatment 
  • Module 1 The Natural and Chinese Medicine toolkit
  • Module 2 How to use moxa sticks
  • Module 3 Treating liver Qi stagnation
  • Module 4 Hormones and detoxification 
  • Module 5 Treating the kidneys 
  • Module 6 Strengthening the digestive fire
  • Module 7 Treating blood deficiency
  • Module 8 Treating menstrual pain
  • Conclusion

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